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Five of the best compact camcorders

30 Mar

One of the greatest strengths of any mobile journalists is the ability to capture an event as it is happening, right from the frontline of the action.

As the recent coverage of the Japanese tsunami has shown, a picture can often be worth a thousand words and a video can often be worth a thousand photographs. The videos taken of the tsunami were unlike anything ever seen – they provided a form of journalistic coverage that had never before been achieved.

A quality compact camcorder is a vital part of your mojo kit bag and we have compiled a list of some of our favourites;

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Get videos analysing global news straight to your mobile

30 Mar

CNN will be shown next to Al Jazeera coverage. Photo: Lubrio.

With the boom of the web, people are demanding fast, convenient news that can be quickly consumed. Critics of the internet often argue that the context of stories is being lost, and that even though we are living in an increasingly connected world, knowledge of events outside our immediate sphere remains limited.

There may be multiple sources of news to choose from, but we are still often sticking to what we know best.   

Newsy is a mobile video site that is tacking this. Using short video segments, it helps people understand the differences in how news organisations from across the globe are reporting a story. For example, coverage from CNN will put right next to Al Jazeera.      

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Top five mobiles with HD video

20 Mar

The iPhone 4 makes it inot the Top Five. Photo: k-ideas.

Massive advances made in mobile phone video technology have meant that many of the videos put up on newspaper websites come from citizen journalists. With the release of mobiles with HD video, this is happening more and more often. Should you find yourself at the scene of a news breaking event, here are the phones you want to have.

Top Five phones with HD video:

1. Samsung Galaxy S (I9000)
A decent camera which supports 720p video recording. Built-in 16GB memory (2GB reserved for apps). No camera flash and one-day battery life.

2. Apple iPhone 4
A big player in the smartphone wars. Much better battery life compared to the old iPhone.

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Japanese tsunami

15 Mar

Photos of the tsunami have shocked the world. Photo courtesy of http://www.thebiblicalworld.blogspot.com

Over the last few days, the press has been flooded with information, news stories, pictures and videos all demonstrating the devastation that occurred as a result of the tsunami in Japan.

The media coverage of the natural disaster has given shocked viewers throughout the world a clear, up-to-date view of the events as they have unfolded, the stark reality of the devastation made all the more evident in numerous photos and videos captured by journalists and locals alike.

Not only have journalists been able to provide incredible coverage of the tsunami and its continuing after effects, but the videos provided by amateur cameramen, tourists, locals and mobile journalists have given a terrifying insight into the horror experienced at the exact moment that the tsunami hit the coast.

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Should mobile phone videos of police be illegal?

31 Oct

Mobile phones have changed the way we communicate, but they’ve also changed the way we document.

It’s more difficult to find a phone without a video camera these days. A photo or video is never more than a few buttons away, which has made the world and all its intricacies a much more visible being. Soaring ballads at gigs are no longer welcomed with a sea of lighters, but a mass of battery-lit screens recording material to later share on the web. Eagle-eyed grammar junkies who prey on public notice typos need only wait minutes before spotting a comedic mistake and sharing the idiocy with the world. To many people this practice is seen as a social disease. But to journalists the advent of mobile video and photography has been monumental, because now nearly everybody can be a reporter.

Ian Tomlinson before being pushed by a policeman

Just think of the number of mobile phone videos that now take comfortable residence in the primetime news programmes, or the increasing number of stills taken from mobile phones that end up in our newspapers and magazines. There is often no need for a media organisation to call on their stringer, or to send out a reporter, as the Internet often provides the story for them. But more important  is the fact that mobile recording has meant a change in the type of stories we cover, and offers a fresh perspective to those consuming the story. Continue reading