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Mobile journalism is the leading source of news for adults in the US

31 Mar

Many more adults are relying on their smartphones in order to access news updates. Photo courtesy of Pew Internet and American Life Project

Mobile devices have become the leading source of news for adults in the US, new data has shown.

A report published by the Pew Internet and American Life Project indicates that 47 per cent of adults in the US use a smartphone or other mobile device in order to access their local and national news.

The figures also show an increase in the number of adults who are looking to their smartphones and mobiles for day-to-day weather updates, social media activity and local information about businesses and restaurants.

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Top tweeting tips

31 Mar

For any budding mobile journalists out there, this list of tweeting tips from award-winning journalist Mary Hamilton is sure to provide you with some invaluable advice.

We picked a couple of tips that we feel are the most important for any journalist hoping to tweet the news to the waiting world.

Hashtags – if you are reporting from an event or an incident, check to see if it already has a hashtag on Twitter and, if it does, make sure to use it at the end of every tweet. Not only will this allow people to see what you are tweeting about, but it will also make your tweets much easier to find. If you are organising an event or are planning to tweet from an event, make sure that you make  your Twitter followers aware of what hashtag you are using. That way they can use it and join in with any conversation or debate.

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Get videos analysing global news straight to your mobile

30 Mar

CNN will be shown next to Al Jazeera coverage. Photo: Lubrio.

With the boom of the web, people are demanding fast, convenient news that can be quickly consumed. Critics of the internet often argue that the context of stories is being lost, and that even though we are living in an increasingly connected world, knowledge of events outside our immediate sphere remains limited.

There may be multiple sources of news to choose from, but we are still often sticking to what we know best.   

Newsy is a mobile video site that is tacking this. Using short video segments, it helps people understand the differences in how news organisations from across the globe are reporting a story. For example, coverage from CNN will put right next to Al Jazeera.      

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Weather updates are the top search on mobiles

26 Mar

Weather updates beat news in mobile searches. Photo: Svedek.

Weather updates and local business searches are the most popular reason for people tapping into their mobile according to research.

The Project for Excellence in Journalism  found that local news coverage followed next, trailed by sports and traffic information.

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Smart phone apps damaging newspaper circulation

15 Nov

James Murdoch. Photo courtesy of http://www.seek4media.com

Mobile phone applications that allow users to browse through news stories on their phones are damaging to newspaper circulation, according to James Murdoch, head of News Corp.

An article published on seek4media.com this morning gives details of claims made by Mr Murdoch that newspapers are under threat from quick and easy smart phone apps that provide mobile phone users with the opportunity to simply scan through a variety of the day’s news. In a speech to the Monaco Media Forum, Mr Murdoch described the available news apps as being ‘much more directly cannabalistic of the print products‘ than full newspaper websites, as people begin to favour them over printed news because of their quick convenience.

As a newspaper journalist, the potential decline of newspapers fills me with dread, however I must confess that the various newspaper applications available on my iPhone have made the news so much more accessible to me as I rush through life as a postgraduate student.

The BBC, The Daily Telegraph and Sky News are just a few of the news organisations that have made the move to mobile media, providing users with a free and efficient means of browsing through the day’s news without the hassle of stopping and buying a newspaper as they rush from place to place.

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