Top tweeting tips

31 Mar

For any budding mobile journalists out there, this list of tweeting tips from award-winning journalist Mary Hamilton is sure to provide you with some invaluable advice.

We picked a couple of tips that we feel are the most important for any journalist hoping to tweet the news to the waiting world.

Hashtags – if you are reporting from an event or an incident, check to see if it already has a hashtag on Twitter and, if it does, make sure to use it at the end of every tweet. Not only will this allow people to see what you are tweeting about, but it will also make your tweets much easier to find. If you are organising an event or are planning to tweet from an event, make sure that you make  your Twitter followers aware of what hashtag you are using. That way they can use it and join in with any conversation or debate.

Detail and colour – think about little moments that only you might have seen. Reporting from the frontline means that you can capture the feeling of the moment, the excitement or the terror. Take advantage of your closeness to the action and look out for unique moments that only you will have a chance to experience.

Don’t be reckless – don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger. If a situation becomes hostile make sure that you have a way out. Ensure that you have a couple of contact numbers with you and that someone knows where you are going to be reporting from.

Take pictures – even if you just use your smartphone throughout, use it fully. Tweet, take photos, videos and share them with the world. It may be that you are the journalist to capture a particularly exciting moment on camera and your photo will be lusted after by news organisations for days to come!

Most importantly, keep everything factual – make sure that you verify everything. If you are re-tweeting information, ensure that it comes from a valid and trusted source. If you are reporting on a particular event, make sure that you are adding useful information, don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting. You want your tweets to have an impact on those who read them.


A full list of tweeting tips can be found on Mary Hamilton’s blog


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