Should we allow court proceedings to be tweeted?

30 Mar

Twitter free courtrooms may be locked in the past. Photo: Most Uncool.

The Lord Chief Justice is backing the use of twitter in court in the hope that it will spark a revival in court reporting.

“My fervent hope is that the advance of new technology will make it easier for the media to be ‘present’ in court, and that the present trend for fewer and fewer reporters in every court will come to an end,” Lord Judge said in a speech on the judiciary and the media.

The use of twitter and live texting in court is currently under consultation. Apart from raising concerns that the jury could see material that sways their decision, the decision of who can be allowed to tweet is being debated.

Should only accredited journalists be granted tweeting rights? If it is open to everyone, will court cases be jeopardised by people with little or no understanding of what can legally be reported?

Responses are due by 4 May, but the Lord Judge believes that the issue will “have to be re-visited, and re-visited again.”

Some hope that the excitement of live coverage will see a greater engagement with the courts from the public, whilst others argue that too much is at stake.   

Is the Lord Judge right, should people be allowed to tweet court proceedings?

Click here for the full speech.

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