Get videos analysing global news straight to your mobile

30 Mar

CNN will be shown next to Al Jazeera coverage. Photo: Lubrio.

With the boom of the web, people are demanding fast, convenient news that can be quickly consumed. Critics of the internet often argue that the context of stories is being lost, and that even though we are living in an increasingly connected world, knowledge of events outside our immediate sphere remains limited.

There may be multiple sources of news to choose from, but we are still often sticking to what we know best.   

Newsy is a mobile video site that is tacking this. Using short video segments, it helps people understand the differences in how news organisations from across the globe are reporting a story. For example, coverage from CNN will put right next to Al Jazeera.      

Following the massive success of its mobile apps, the blog App MODO reported that the organisation announced this week that it received $1.5m of funding from a private equity firm to help the company grow bigger.

Since the decline of print journalism, media outlets have struggled to know how to invest in the online market. Partnered with the Missouri School of Journalism, Newsy has managed to achieve what some thought might be impossible – indepth, global news coverage that can be quickly digested.    

Would you pay for this app? 

Click here to watch the latest video from the site.   


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