Five of the best compact camcorders

30 Mar

One of the greatest strengths of any mobile journalists is the ability to capture an event as it is happening, right from the frontline of the action.

As the recent coverage of the Japanese tsunami has shown, a picture can often be worth a thousand words and a video can often be worth a thousand photographs. The videos taken of the tsunami were unlike anything ever seen – they provided a form of journalistic coverage that had never before been achieved.

A quality compact camcorder is a vital part of your mojo kit bag and we have compiled a list of some of our favourites;

Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 £110

This Sanyo camera is favoured for its high quality video

This HD camcorder can be used to take both videos and photos.

The camera’s image stabiliser function makes it the ideal choice for any mojo hoping to take footage while on the go.

This camera has a 5x optical zoom, which allows the user to take high quality videos and photo even at a distance.

The camera has a 3 inch fold out screen, which makes viewing footage much easier than on some of the other compact models.



The Flip Ultra is incredibly easy to use


Flip Ultra HD £120

The Flip Ultra is incredibly simple to use, making it an ideal choice for anyone who has never before used a camcorder.

The pop out USB attachment means that transferring videos to your computer is quick and efficient.

The camera has 8GB of memory space which allows for 120 minutes of video to be recorded at a time.



Sony PM5 Bloggie £105

The Bloggie comes in a range of bright colours

The Sony Bloggie camera has a rotating lens which allows you to record yourself while watching on the screen. Any video reporting which requires face-to-camera footage would benefit from this aspect of the camera.

Much like the Flip Ultra it comes with a USB attachment making video transfer incredibly easy.

The camera’s face detection and SteadyShot image stabiliser system make for high quality HD footage. The Bloggie model comes in a range of bright colours making it the perfect accessory for the more fashionable of mojos.





Panasonic's lightweight model is ideal for mojos

Panasonic HM-TA £125

Panasonic’s first attempt at the pocket camcorder, much like the Bloggie, is available in four different colours – from bright turquoise to metallic black.

The camera has a slot for an SD memory card, which allows users to record more footage than on those camera with fixed memory only.

This model is very simple to use and its slimline, lightweight design makes it very easily to carry around in your pocket.

Kodak Zi8 £75

The Zi8 is a cheap and reliable camcorder

Kodak’s camera is the cheapest of the five that we have featured, making it the perfect camcorder for those of you on a tighter budget.

This model, much like its competitors, provides users with a lightweight camcorder capable of recording reasonably high quality HD video clips.

While the design is not as innovative or exciting as some of the others featured in this list, it certainly beats out the others in terms of value for money.




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