City University’s Newspaper class and mobile journalism

28 Mar

What phones do City University's Newspaper Journalism class have?

We spoke to City University’s Newspaper Journalism class to find out what mobile phones are most popular among tomorrow’s journalists. Unsurprisingly, Blackberry and iPhone were the most popular brands, however there were still a few older, traditional models flying around, most impressively a Nokia 3310.

As the infographic below illustrates, there are still a few among the class who believe that having a smart phone isn’t essential for their journalistic endeavours. Some of the reasons included the fact that so much newspaper journalism is now done behind a desk so a smart phone isn’t really a necessity, and interestingly, a couple in the class said they had mobile access on other devices such as an iPod Touc,h so could use a cheaper phone with a lower tariff.

Those who owned smart phones said that it was the constant email access and access to information on the internet that was vital. Several others, with experience in live tweeting, said smart phones were the driving force behind this new form of journalism and were therefore essential.

Is having a smart phone essential for an aspiring journalist?

Infographic links: bubble chart & pie chart


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