Mobile broadcast journalism

23 Mar

Luci Live enables you to transform your smartphone into a recording studio. Photo courtesy of

Meet Luci Live, the software that allows you to turn your Mac, Windows PC/Phone or iPhone into a device for broadcasting audio.

The software, available online or through the iPhone App Store for £239.99, enables you to make high quality audio recordings, edit, add images and then upload them to the internet or a studio.

The Luci Live program represents a great advance in mobile journalism, enabling mojos everywhere to broadcast audio feeds from anywhere in the world (anywhere, that it, with a 3G or WiFi connection). The creators of this exciting new software promises to deliver ‘professional and streamlined approach to your reportage, bringing with it the highest levels of quality, user-friendliness and reliability’.

Transforming your iPhone or smartphone into a high quality mpeg-recorder, mobile IP-codec or software IP-codec using Luci Live will enable all journalists to actively report from the frontline of any newsworthy event efficiently and quickly.

Aside from the obvious convenience of being able to record, edit and submit your reports with incredible ease, the Luci Live software presents journalists with an opportunity to dramatically reduce costs, a welcome help in the current economic climate.

While the software itself is rather expensive, the capabilities that it will provide any mobile journalist are invaluable.

What do you all think? Is Luci Live worth the cost?


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